2017 Update:

First off let's watch what Martin has to say, he has been using the Original Stop At A Winner Bot

since it's release in 2015, he tells why he is still using it.

And how the bot helped him retire earlier, than he could have with out it.


Video runs for 8 minutes.

Martin's 2017 Settings and Results.

These are straight of an email he sent me on 10th march, 2017:

 I have started backing and laying again as the  racing quality has improved.

Anyway on to my settings etc

Min price 2 max 5
Min matched £5000
Secs to post
Stop prof £1.50, Stop loss £300
Range 5 - 20 runners

I back on
GB,IRE,RSA and some USA up to about 10pm uk time. The only  time I usually back over that time is if I am out and about.
I also check and delete any races that clash on the same  time, I generally delete the one that is either odds on or  has the leased amount of runners.

price 2 max 8
Min matched £5000
Secs to post 60
Stop prof
£1.00 Stop loss £200
Range 8 - 25

I lay using the same countrys and time as above. Both are win only and no  50% split, and no Harness racing.
I have been using these settings for a good few weeks and do not  anticipate altering them as yet. What I dont know is how the  summer racing will affect anything as such, in theory  nothing should change apart from more evening racing which  is about 6 weeks away.



The Results:

3rd April, 2017 to 14th May, 2017

Below, is since the release.


February, 2015 we released our Stop A At Winner Bot.

We had been like all our softwares been trialling it on different settings to see exactly what it could do, and what it was not doing. Also a long process, and ironing out bugs that haunt you as a tester.

After that period, we released it and gave out 5 different strategies that we saw had potential.

Twelve months down the track, we are loaded with a lot more knowledge, and also value feedback from the clients running the software.

But, I am getting a head of myself, first best to explain what exactly Stop At A Winner Software is and does.

If you know what the software does, you can scroll down to the results section, or click here to jump to the results page.

The Software, and how it works.

The video below here gives you a demo on the workings, but let's explain what it does.

The software bets to settings you the client makes, there is a few things that you can not change.

What you CAN NOTchange.

  • The software will bet on the Betfair Favourite, at the time you have set for the bet to be actioned. That can not be changed.
  • The staking is a recovery staking, there is no other staking plans, you can set the stop loss to be that low, that it would restart after each bet (but that defeats the purpose of the software)
  • The software will not move to the next race until the previous race has been settled.


The rest YOU CAN control, that is as follows.

  • The country or countries you wish to bet on. (If choosing Australia and New Zealand, you need money in the Australian wallet).
  • The stop losses and stop profit limits
  • The odds range you would like the software to bet on, you can have different limits on the Lay Tab and the Backing Tab
  • The amount of runners in the race, setting a minimum and maximum runners.
  • Laying and or Backing, you can bet only Backing or Lays, or Both if you wish.
  • Whether you want the bot to continue after a winning bet, or stop for the day.
  • The amount of commission you want to be calculated, (so you win the net amount you have set.)
  • Auto reload the races, this is handy if you want to exclude a track for the day. Or you what to make sure if races have been delayed the bot will recalculate the new race times. Also if you want the software to run 24/7 like I do, then reload is a must.
  • Win/Place market option, you can choose to bet in either market (but not both).
  • And on Australia and New Zealand races, you can choose to include harness racing if you wish.
  • If you uncheck the re load races option you can delete certain races if you wish.

The software is designed to be simple, and sole purpose is to bet the favourite in the backing and or laying, if it wins the bet it restarts, if it loses it attempts to recover losses and the target profit. If it can not get the profit, we have a stop loss figure that you set, once that figure is beeched, the software either according to your settings will restart, or it will stop until you restart it.

That is the software, and how it works,


Video runs for 4 minutes, gives you a Snap Shot of what the amazing software can do..

Here is the dashboard (Backing), laying tab is the same. Very Easy To Use.

This software is set out as a no fuss, set and forget, can be left for days, weeks and it will run.

You can download the User Guide, if you would like a better idea.

Click Here

There are some exciting changes coming to the Stop at a Winner Software.

Don't worry if you purchase today you will still get the new upgraded version, even if we increase the price.

The software is designed to be set and forget, and having it on a Virtual Private Server is the best way to get this, as you don't have the problems of internet drop out, power cuts, or computer updating and stopping.

Find out more on VPS Click Here

What have we seen over the 12 months?

Out of the 5 strategies we listed, two did well, one started off like a German Band, the side ways for the last 6 months.

And two did not last the 12 month trial.

The Early Terminated methods, were Strategy 1A, backing in the UK, Odds 2.50 to 10.00, and stop loss at 100 stop profit at 1.And the Strategy 4 on Australian racing.

Maybe we stopped this too early, just the other methods were flying, this one had three stop losses in the 78 days.

Here is the graph: Strategy 1A

12.98% Return on Every pound bet!!

From 5th Feb 2015 to 22nd April, 2015


In 78 Days, on the settings below 271% Bank Growth.

Bank Of £100: As At 22nd April: £371.00


Second Strategy, that was stopped early was Strategy 4 on Australian Racing. 3 Stops in June, we pulled the pin on the Australian racing using these settings.

This is from the 5th Feb, 2015 to 30th June, 2015

betting all races in Australia Only (no harness).

Where the Favourite is 3.00 or over.

These are the three strategies that lasted the full 12 months, 5th Feb, 2015 to 4th Feb, 2016

The one I liked most was the most disappointing of the remaining three, as you will see below it got to 1000 plus points in just over 7 months, but then the next 5 months lost 200 points, to end up with a 779 point profit for the 12 months.

Maybe we had the stop loss too short at 50/1 ratio. (You can see the in detail results Click Here)

Below is Strategy 1B

UK Win Only Using 3.00 odds and upwards:

The next surviving Strategy, was on UK only, 3.95 to 10.00 odds.

Strategy 2: Making 372 points profit after a hairy 500 bet spell where we gave up 460 points profit, then clawed a lot back in the next 700 bets.

The summer was a shocking time, and we were in all these only backing, looking at data, laying would be good on the flat season maybe.


Strategy 3 AWT UK only Odds 3.95 to 10 Backing only. This strategy did not have one stop loss, and showed a great 25% return on investment.

Showed a nice 250 points profit on 541 bets.

Only 190 racing days on the All Weather 541 bets, so this worked well, the only draw back was it would require you each day to check if there was awt racings and edit the races in the bot (few minutes work).


All Weather Tracks Only.

Odds 3.95 and upwards.



What we learnt was that 50 stop loss was to short in backing on UK races. And we should have looked at the laying option which we ignored. 100 stop loss would be better and even higher.

Summer was not kind to backing, (except for AWT).

Evidence on laying has come to light from the Martin Strategy approach that you will see further down.

And summer was very good on the laying of the favourites at the odds of 2.00 to 3.20, you will see more on laying below.

During this twelve months we got feedback which is how these softwares develop and in some cases are even created.

One the we have been following and thanks to the client Martin, he has sent us results each week, he has continued to tweek the settings and at the end of September 2015 settled on them.

Those setting along with the results are below (Martin's Strategy), he uses it on UK racings, in both Laying and Backing.

We will also now trial it on Australian racing and bring those results as we go.




Martin's Strategy:


Video runs for 9.30 minutes

This method has been created by a user of our bots, and he uses it everyday has done so for a year now, and over that time he has refined it, to point he is very happy with the results he is getting.

OK, he is using it on the UK horses.

Since the 28th September, 2015 he is now happy with the setting which we will tell you further down. But first look at the results.

The first you see is that there was no losing months, both Lays and Backs have made a Profit.

All this done on Auto Pilot, with out lifting a finger (if you have it on a VPS), or if on a PC and simple matter of starting the computer daily and starting the software (settings and all saved), it just carrys on where it left off. You can run it 24/7 if you have a good power and internet connection.

Before we get into the settings and bank details, below is the investment and risk stats.

Figures are from 28th Sept, 2015 to 21st Feb, 2016

Our stakes and risk are very low, we are looking for slow steady growth on the bank.

Martin started with a £600.00 bank only and in that time has taken it to nearly £1,300 in just under 5 months.

On the Backing Stats we are showing ROI (Return on money invested). So we show Outlay (Stakes)

As this is the money we are risking.

In the Laying Stats we use Return on Risk, so we show the liability, as this is what we are risking.

The returns are excellent, in both Backing and Laying.


Ok, let's look at the week by week action that Martin got, you will notice a few days that there is no betting, you will a short reason why.

The picture will see, is that while not winning everyday, every week so far has been a winning one, 21 weeks.


The Settings For Martin's Strategy.

2015-16 Settings.


And Laying Settings.


The settings are in the red boxes, now the Stop Profit and Stop Loss are blocked out, this is because most will be different, so look now at the capital (Bank) requirement and settings for the Stops.

From the 28th September, 2015 Martin has settled on the following settings.

Backing: Stop Profit Target is 400 to 1, so that means if your Stop Loss is 400 then your Stop Profit will be 1. You can see the chart below that will tell you want you need if your bank is different to 400.

The Backing Bank is separate to the Laying Bank, this means if you have a bank of 400 in total, then 200 would be your Backing bank and 200 your Laying Bank. However please look below for Ideal Bank UP.

Laying: Stop Profit Target is 1000 to 1, so that means if your laying bank is 1000 then your Stop Profit will be 1 (so there is a 2 and half times difference between Laying and back) this reflects the risk.

The chart to the left is a quick guide as to how to set your stops.

The maths is like this:

Backing: Your Stop Loss (Backing Bank) divide by 400.

Bank / 400 = Stop Profit.

Laying: Your Stop Loss (Laying Bank) divide by 100.

Bank / 1000 = Stop Loss.

Then should you revalue your BANK?

Martin now does it after each day he resets his bank. But you should look at doing it weekly to start with. As we like to make the method as hands off as possible.

Yes the software will bet under Betfair minimum and this allows you to grow small banks.



Bank Management:

Above we have been talking on the Bank as the Stop Loss.

However we feel that proper bank management should be to have an amount (not necessary in your Betfair Account), that you are prepared to commit to the strategy.

Let as say, you are willing to commit to this £1,200, then we suggest you split that by 4, to get your working capital that you will have assigned to the Software. So all your workings will be on the 1/4 of the 1,200. This means you have an active bank of £300.

This Active bank, is the split in 2 for the Laying and Backing Stop Losses, meaning you have £150.00 stop loss in laying, and the same for backing.

So, if we look at the chart above, we now our stop loss is 150, and on Backing a stop profit will be 0.38p see below, also make sure your tick the boxes as shown.

Laying Active Bank is 150, so the stop loss is 150 and looking at the chart our stop profit is .15p, see pic below.

So we are using only a quarter of the committed bank in this case £300.00 and as that builds we re assess our stop losses, by seeing how the bank grows, and the dividing the Active bank in two and re setting new Stop Loss and Stop Profits.

If you lose one part of your active bank, you will be required to either re assess the amount of the active bank and divide by two to get the new stop losses and profits.

Or ideally you bring in a quarter of the Committed bank (in our case here £900.00/ 4 = £225.00) you would add that to the balance of the active, the divide it by two and get stop loss and stop profits and carry on.

In the 5 months Martin has been running the settings above he has not got near his stop losses.

Please dont forget to set the commission box (5% in UK).

While there is a bit to digest, it is only in the setting up once set up, it does the bets automatically.

You will on some races be both Laying and backing, however as the figures show you, these are different recovery series and the methods do work.

Below is the Laying Bets winning and losing sequences (In a Row).

Winning Bets Sequences

Martin's Strategy For Australia:

We have only just started the strategy in Australia, but I will update it as I go, the only setting changes I have made are three.

1. Seconds to Post, we have set 25 seconds, because on busy race days the races are close together and ay 60 seconds we would miss too many races, also the markets form later so that extra 35 seconds is important.

2. The Minimum amount, is increased to 15,000 (Australia dollars, £7,500), this stops beting on some of the weaker trace meetings especially on Saturday and public holidays, where form is very patchy, and they are prone to running late (tying up the software).

3. The commission, in Australia each state has a different commission rate (race clubs impose on Betfair and bookies), ranging from 6.5% to 8%, so we set the Australia bot at 8% commission.

Those are the only changes to settings, you do need money in the Australian Wallet if you are betting on Australia.


Can you use the same Stop At A Winner Bot, to bet Australia and UK?

Yes and No.

The one bot will bet all countries, however there is the fact of different commissions, and the fact is we dont know how running from UK to Australian races will work, it has not been tested. Plus a different post start time.

If you wanted to run both Australia and UK, we suggest you run two separate bots, so that does mean two licences, however we are prepared to offer a second licence to clients with a licence at a 50% discount.


Download Martin's Strategy Click Here






OK, will this software suit you?

1. Do you have access to Betfair? Even if only Backing?

2. Do you like to Bet UK and or Australian Racing?

3. Want to Bet but are time poor or lazy ( don't want to spend hours in front of the PC?)

4. Like to make a profit, on small or larger stakes?

5. Like Laying and Or Backing, either win or place?

If the answer to these 5 questions is YES or Even Maybe.... you are qualified to READ ON.

We all want more time to do the things we enjoy, and it seems that we are actually getting less time to enjoy our hobbies (do people still have hobbies?)and loved ones and families (sometimes they are the same :-)).

And I hear that many people are so busy now they don't take holidays, what is the point of working all the time? I don't really know.

Still, back to the point, and that is this software actually achieves the time saving factor, as you can set the setting for the software and leave it to silently bet to your instructions.

As mentioned, I do use it on a VPS which means I dont have my computer running all the time, the (virtual private server houses the software), so if I access it anywhere in the world which for me is handy. All the time it is placing bets on not only my Stop At A Winner bot ( I run two SAW softwares) one on Australian racing and one on UK.

I also run my Football bots all on the same VPS, so I dont have any downtime.

Please understand you don't need a VPS, you can run it on your windows based PC or Laptop.

Sorry got side tracked.

I still get excited, to login and see what the software has done after racing, (I am a sleep when UK horses are going around), most days the bank has increased.

Softwares, are the tools of the further to make racing pay, so why not start today and get your first step into the world of software betting.

This year we have some exciting upgrades to the Stop At A Winner Software, and all current clients that have the software will get the upgrade at no extra chage even when we increase the prices.

Whether you are a 10p punter or a £10.00 punter, this method will suit you absolutely, even if you are a bigger punter you will benefit greatly...


Most people making money on Betfair are using tools (software), if you are still click clacking your bets, chances are you are missing bets.

Stop At A Winner allows you to bet under the Betfair minimum, so you can start small and build your bank.

Read below what users are saying on the software.

Also keep in mind the software is a tool (like a car) it can do great things, but it needs the right instructions. It is these instructions that need to be looked at, and that is why both money management and limits need to be correct.

Don't try a make a fortune with a small bank, slow steady growth is the order of the day, most people in betting fail because they are under capitalized ( TOO GREEDY).

How many times have you looked at the closed door, only to miss the new open door?

This door is one that deserves a good look, and action taken... offer is time limited.

Once the upgrades are done, then the price will change.






Well done Martin!

PS.. Niel is 94 years old, never use the age card.... And he is a Kiwi






Does it Suit You?

Whether you are a Backer or a Layer, "Stop At A Winner" will definately suit you.

See you can run only the Laying Option, if you want, and same for Backing, you can run that tab only.

If you are like me, you can run both tabs, (as each tab is independant of each other.)

If you are a small punter, yes it will suit you, you can place bets under the Betfair minimum. If you bet in hundreds, yes it will suit you.

We all know that favourites around the world win between 30 and 33% of all races, so that helps the backing tab, and 66 to 70% of favourites lose, that suits the laying Tab.

How you set the odds for the tabs is up to you, also when you want the software to bet, it is up to you.

Stop At A Winner, (Profit) was originally made to stop as soon as a profit was made, however this was leaving a lot of profit on the table, but if you want it that way you sure can use it that way, it's up to you.

Want a steady growth of the Bank?

Then this software is the weapon you need, and remember it can work on all countries, so plenty of action and races to make profit from.

A word of warning, some countries have slow advice of results and this can mean missing some following races, as the results must be known before the next bet is place in that that tab. So if you have a race and it was a back bet, the the next back bet will not be placed until the result is confirmed, it would not stop the next race bet if it was a lay bet, and vice versa.

So if you are betting New Zealand, South Africa, USA then be aware that results are slow at registering on Betfair.

UK, Ireland and Australia have very quick results confirmed, you will soon get the jist of what is what between countries.

This software allows you the freedom, of betting to a formula, and not having to sit at the PC (at all).



What is needed to use this approach?

  • A Betfair Account, that you can Back and Lay on.
  • If you want to bet Australian and New Zealand races, you will need to get your Australian wallet activated (Email Betfair to do this).
  • Patience and let the software do it's business.
  • Dont try and double your bank in a short time, steady grow will save the bank and all rofits to build.
  • Bank, you should allow a big enough to cover 4 losing sequences., better to be safe than grizzling, really it is best to be realistic. Split the bank into 4, and use that to start with.
  • Not neccessary but advised is a VPN (windows) so you can leave the bot running without having to touch it. You can do this once your bank is at a good level. If you don't know what a VPN is google it, basically it is a server (computer in a remote location, that runs 24 hours 7 days a week and you access it via your computer).
  • The "Stop At A Winner" software licence, you need a windows based computer to run this software, if you use a VPS then you can use ipads etc.
  • What is a VPS? If you are not sure Read about them here. http://www.winningmore.com/VPS/



What to Know More?

Click Here To Download the Manual. (Pdf)

The manual is also available in the software.


Here is a 17 minute Tutorial Video, also available inside the Manual.


Not Ready Yet?

Well you have read the site, and as a thanks for doing that

You can download our ebook

"How To Make Money Betting The Favourite"

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This ebook, tells you how the software works, and includes excel spreadsheets so you can do what the bot does manually.

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Gambling is risky, do not bet with money you cannot afford to lose and be sure you understand what you will need to spend in order to get the returns indicated.


If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?

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