These Are The Setting I am Using Backing Only.

If you are using Stop At First winner of the Day This is the Results for the above settings

BUT NOT RESTARTING THE BOT after profit hit.


The above figures are stopping at the first winner of the day, and is backing only.

This method, looks at getting a winner and then stopping all betting, you would need to look at what stop loss you would like. The biggest risk was of 59.00 on the 27th Feb in UK Racings.



This is the Restart after a winner again on the same settings above Backing Only.


I am on Holiday, as from the 14th Feb, I have decided to leave the bot running...







The Trial display will finish 13th Feb, 2015.

As I am away on Holiday now, and I am using the account to reseacrh new strategies.

The Bank has increased by 159% in the 9 days.


UK would not have had the 44.60 Lost if that accident had not happened it would have

been 10 or 15 plus, so UK would have been around 70 on alot less races.

Below is the sequence of losing Bets in a row.

Biggest was 14 once in Australia (individual country staking.)

Biggest drawdown was $124.00


9 Day Trial has resulted in 159% Bank Growth, Our 100 bank is now 259.00

The Trial Has now finished, as I am off to have a holiday.

If we had not had the Hiccup at that delayed Exeter Meeting

we would have hit 200% Growth, without to much effort.


5th Feb, 2015 chasing small $2.00 Profit per Winner

Australian and UK Racing






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Does it Suit You?

Whether you are a Backer or a Layer, "Stop At A Winner" will definately suit you.

See you can run only the Laying Option, if you want, and same for Backing, you can run that tab only.

If you are like me, you can run both tabs, (as each tab is independant of each other.)

If you are a small punter, yes it will suit you, you can place bets under the Betfair minimum. If you bet in hundreds, yes it will suit you.

We all know that favourites around the world win between 30 and 33% of all races, so that helps the backing tab, and 66 to 70% of favourites lose, that suits the laying Tab.

How you set the odds for the tabs is up to you, also when you want the software to bet, it is up to you.

Stop At A Winner, (Profit) was originally made to stop as soon as a profit was made, however this was leaving a lot of profit on the table, bu if you want it that way you sure can use it that way, it's up to you.

Want a steady growth of the Bank?

Then this software is the weapon you need, and remember it can work on all countries, so plenty of action and races to make profit from.

A word of warning, some countries have slow advice of results and this can mean missing some following races, as the results must be known before the next bet is place in that that tab. So if you have a race and it was a back bet, the the next back bet will not be placed until the result is confirmed, it would not stop the next race bet if it was a lay bet, and vice versa.

So if you are betting New Zealand, South Africa, USA then be aware that results are slow at registering on Betfair.

UK, Ireland and Australia have very quick results confirmed, you will soon get the jist of what is what between countries.

This software allows you the freedom, of betting to a formula, and not having to sit at the PC (at all).



What is needed to use this approach?

  • A Betfair Account, that you can Back and Lay on. (If you have backing only, you can use the back only part of the software).
  • If you want to bet Australian and New Zealand races, you will need to get your Australian wallet activated (Email Betfair to do this).
  • Patience and let the software do it's business.
  • Stick to the staking limits, which are for laying (.10 to 1.00 is you are targeting 10p a sequence, so if you were looking at £1.00 target per winning sequence you would need a limit from 1.00 to 10.00) Backing is .50 to 5.00 to target .50p per winning sequence., Or £5.00 per sequence you would need (5.00-50.00) limit.
  • Bank, you should allow a big enough to cover 4 losing sequences., better to be safe than grizzling, really it is best to be realistic. Split the bank into 4, and use that to start with.
  • Not neccessary but advised is a VPN (windows) so you can leave the bot running without having to touch it. You can do this once your bank is at a good level. If you don't know what a VPN is google it, basically it is a server (computer in a remote location, that runs 24 hours 7 days a week and you access it via your computer).
  • The "Stop At A Winner" software licence, you need a windows based computer to run this software, if you use a VPN then you can use ipads etc.



What to Know More?

Click Here To Download the Manual. (Pdf)

The manual is also available in the software.


Here is a 23 minute Tutorial Video, also available inside the Manual.



Licence is for 1 Computer Only.

and 12 months use.

For Window Based Computers Only.

Can be used on Windows based VPN also.

Limited Numbers

Grab Now For


Around 27p a day!!

Bet these all year round.







If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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